Истина, Дух и Бог са едно.
Въплътената Истина е осъзнат и чист живот.
Домът на Човека е Мъдрост,
тъй като в нея се постига и радост, и покой и сила.
Дух, душа и тяло са трите храма на битието. Първият е храм на истината, вторият – на любовта, третият – на хармонията. Във всичките три храма се венчаят мъжът и жената.
Животът на Човека е градина, плодовете от която трябва да радват и да наситят мнозина.
Воля, Любов и Жертва.
Чрез тях се извършва всяко благо.
Изборът между доброто и злото става във всеки миг на живота.
Истинската свобода е да желаеш само благо и да действаш само в съответствие със съвестта.
Победата на Човека е в Духа,
покоряващ битието.
Мислите, чувствата и делата са семена. Божието правосъдие е в това да се събере реколта от всяко семе.
Чистото слово се ражда в мълчание
и съединява Човека с вечността.
Блажени са тези, които са на път, защото те са се приближили към вратите на Царството Небесно.
Силата се спуска свише, за да поведе Човека нагоре.
В смирение се постига пълнотата на силата.
Страданието е Учител по пътя. Венец на пътя е състраданието. Великото изкуство да живееш се състои в това да споделяш болките и тегобите на ближните, без да споделяш техните пороци.
Три неща са неизбежни: раждането, животът и смъртта. Да ги обикнеш, значи да постигнеш безсмъртие.
Чашата на Господ е Хармония. Към нея нищо не може да се добави и от нея нищо не може да се отнеме. Отпийте от сребърната чаша на хармонията на изгрев, предайте я на жадния и в часа на залеза тя ще се върне при вас пълна.
Не съществува зло, освен това,
което се ражда в душата на Човека.
Душата, сраснала се с тялото,
ражда всички змии.
Упованието в Създателя и осъзнаването на своята божествена природа са две несъкрушими опори за душата.
Йерархията на Синовете Божии е единна на небесата и на Земята.
Изпълнете завета на единството.
Царството Божие ще пребъде в единството на расите, в братството на душите и възкресението на правдата на Синовете Божии.
Молитва на Единството:
Възобновени от пречистващата жажда,
пред извора на Светия Огън Твой се прекланяме.
Със Своя Дух спаси ни, Господи!
Човекът, блуждаещ в съмнения, се отклонява
от пътя подобно на стрела, летяща в гъста гора.
Постигащият истината в чистота и мълчание,
ще стане сол за новата земя и огън за новото небе.
С Вяра, Знание и Любов
да се приготвим за въплъщение
на Единното Учение.

Да любиш живота и да служиш на живота,
неуморно разпространявайки светлината,
състраданието и хармонията навсякъде,
където това е възможно – това означава ДА БЪДЕШ.

Зор Алеф

Celeb Trekkies satisfy inside Indy

Enterprise, in . the newest Celeb Trip series, find yourself becoming through the center of dialogue within the initial nearby accumulating related to Trekkers subsequent a fresh UPN show’s Sept. 26 top notch.

But it’s going to possess to speak about the particular spotlight together with present-day problems that see a middle related to what is getting known as the particular Trip Point of view.

Maquis Gras 2001, which obtained it’s name within the electronic digital rebel space fighters released by the end related to „ST: Subsequent Period, in . could be the altruistic company event highly proceeding upon on it is sixth annual three-day goal inside Portage, Indy, this specific end of the week, March 5, 6, in addition to 7.

MAV (for Maquis Cable connections Vessel) Firesword, the particular group’s flagship, demands simply because it is mantra „Rebels using a Bring about, in . truly appropriate in your house situation not only related to David Dean,Randy Bullock Jersey nevertheless related to „Star Trip: Voyager’s“ Main Kathryn Janeway.

Their fundraising endeavours often help the area Solution Army as well as the Pinus radiata Type Native indian Reserving inside The southern area of Dakota. Nevertheless this year, in the cool for the item in the movie „Star Trip: Initial Make contact with, in . the longer term is really going to the help of the past regarding victims, families, in addition to conserve workers inside the September 11 terrorist attacks.

„One in the factors lots of Trip businesses tension is really that individuals placed on the particular clothes in order to acquire people curiosity after which it most of us hit them all utilizing what we should tend to be genuinely about–the no revenue businesses, in . says Cindy Faraone, forty-four, which simply because thoughts in the 10-ship Cable connections presumes since the female’s not familiar change satisfaction the particular id related to Navy blue Admiral Be’jen.

„That signifies Higher Woman, in . describes Faraone, which through 6 foot really is really trim, but nevertheless strong inside the female’s total Klingon regalia.

Faraone says the particular Alliance’s chapters inside 8 states are usually among lots of trek-related dance clubs that are not necessarily authorized via Vitally important nevertheless continue being allowed in order to succeed beneath the authorized continuing related to revolutionary enable.

„For example,Landon Collins Jersey the actual providers can’t marketplace greater than 25 related to any type of Trip things that these folks help make on their own, in . the lady says.

Firesword will need inside the close by Ramada Resort for just about any end of the week related to communicating together with deckie’s via private yachts in addition to fanatics, deals in addition to revenue associated with conceivable kinds of Trip products, in addition to rubbing back together with Trip celebs.

„As the particular meeting is growing, the particular site visitors are actually enhancing, in . says Kathy Garza, which styles themself simply because Moogie, mother related to Quark, the particular Ferengi membership operator related to „ST: Large Space 9. „

„This 12 several weeks we’ve Gwynyth Walsh, one of the popular Klingon Lursa brothers and sisters via ‘Generations, the in addition to Robin the boy wonder the actual young man question Curtis, which carried out Vulcan Lt. Saavik inside ‘Search regarding Spock, ‘“ says Kathy Garza.

Garza furthermore says that aside from event entry expenses,Roger Lewis Jersey the particular fundraising features a great market related to Trip memorabilia, for instance a geniune movie software program regarding „The Wrath related to Khan“ in addition to a great authorized standup related to Quark „one within. greater when compared with Armin Shimerman, in . the particular behaving expert which carried out her or him.

„I’ve structured to go to New york the following seven days to supply the cash in addition to initiatives, in . says Admiral To’pIq (Weapons Master), the girl partner Erection dysfunction, within in whose grandpa is really Primary related to Dermatology through New york University Center. Garza, Firesword’s treasurer, says she or he furthermore applications to visit the particular firehouse closest for the image in the bad luck to be able to vanish sanctioned document images.

The group might be knowledgeable that totally free centers inside the city could use unwrapped needle-less syringes in addition to sterile and clean dressings nonetheless inside their presentation written by Bajoran Penny Bartholomew, which skilled the particular supplies leftover carrying out a thirty days related to home look after the middle in addition to lung contamination.

As for your completely new series „Enterprise, in . the particular show’s astonishing, nevertheless effective beginning montage related to space history about the low-key significant have been the particular talk related to Firesword’s pre-convention meeting, combined with bare-almost-all,Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey nevertheless businesslike sonic shower image between Subcommander T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) in addition to Commander Charlie Tucker (Connor Trinneer).

„It doesn’t think about alone too vitally, in . Kathy Garza says approvingly, likening the particular show to be able to some of the humorous seats related to ROAD: Subsequent Period.

„It have been intriguing to find out the way the Vulcans may get rid of the difference and not make certain related to by themselves, in . mentioned Louise Roys, alias Lt. Com. T’Perr (Vulcan regarding „she that several things“).

Another get in touch with for your incurably exogamous is really recommendations to be able to females together with 3 busts while others together with frog-like tongues, in addition to sci-fi classic describes for example „Space is very big“ can easily be bought.

James Cromwell’s cameo appear simply because warp engine originator Zefram Cochrane unveils the way the split infinitive „to highly go“ is often a misquote related to their own actual key phrases, just like Neil Armstrong’s garbled initial key phrases within the celestial satellite television.

The completely new series is positioned one hundred many years just before Capt. Kirk’s „Classic Trip, in . anytime earthmen initial effort into interstelllar space beneath the the help of the actual Vulcans in addition to initial go through the real Klingons.

Star Trip is really amongst 3 touchstones related to Usa well-liked way of life that can come for the Portage area in the four-week period of time every single decrease.Devon Kennard Jersey Vacation resort places have been crammed a fortnight back again for your annual Wizard related to Oz Occasion inside close by Chesterton as well as the second end of the week related to March is really set-aside for your ninth yearly Elvis Desire Fest, happening inside the city via a great Indy concern.

(Reported via Charles ERINA. Bartholomew inside Chesterton, Ind. )


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